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About the CBC Women’s' Union

Who we are: The Women’s’ Union is a fellowship of Women’s Organizations of the Churches of the Cameroon Baptist Convention -CBC.

Mission:The CBC Women’s’ Union exists to glorify God through the lives of women by equipping them to grow in their faith, share the love of Christ, fellowship and worship God, and build relationship with other women , from Church to national level.

Vision: As Christian women, the challenges we face are multiplying as the world becomes more complex, and the ravage of the enemy on children, women and the society more obvious. We have more commitments than time. 
We continue to find strength in the Lord to keep the women committed in their Bible study, prayer life and reaching  the needy, encourage them improve on their educational attainment and help them become self reliant while maintaining good health to ameliorate their family life. We also want to network with other sisters of the Church universal for edification, and support in our God assigned task.

Philosophy: Our philosophy is based on (1) our understanding of who we are, why we are here, and where we are heading to.(2) how we can effectively fulfill our mission and attain our vision in the context,  and setting in which we find ourselves.(3) the source ,the content, and the recipients  of our ministry. Our belief is in God, Jesus Christ as the Son of God and only Saviour of mankind and the Bible as Gods standard to us for life and living.

The woman is created by God in His image and endowed with all that is needed to fulfill her God intended role as a sister, wife, mother, and woman in the society. Her role and contribution to the growth and development of the family and society which goes beyond national and continental boundaries, is indispensable. Her fulfillment of this role is in Christ Jesus alone.

Brief Historical Development: The CBC Women’s  Union came officially into existence in 1957 but before then it was called “Kakane” a term for “fellowship of women” in the Bakweri language of what is now called the South West Region of Cameroon. A few women both nationals and missionary, over a cup of coffee conceived the idea. On inception the name CBC Women’s Union was accepted to cut across the territories in Cameroon. It was by Gods grace the first wing of the CBC to be formed and was quickly accepted and encouraged by the authorities. The wing has had as an integral part of it from inception, ministry arms to the girl child and children under the appellation 3H, and CNLC respectively. 

The women through the years in their desire to do God’s will and further His kingdom in their local communities have concertedly laboured with sister missionaries, while seeking advice, support, and sustenance from them. With numerical and spiritual growth through the years, the awareness that two third of the Church local is made of women, is humbling the women more to be in Gods will; to wisely use and develop their gifts and talents and fulfill their calling.
The membership which started with five hundred women stands at a little above twenty five thousand cuts across women of all works and levels of life with ninety percent within the below middle class level. Not withstanding, the growing awareness of their Source and who they are in Christ Jesus, moves the women to see God doing the impossible through them and other sisters as they network. 

Summary of what we do.  The women are involved in
(1) evangelism within the Church , in their neighborhood, unevangelized areas,  the Prisons, Hospitals, Centers for the people with disabilities. Their focus is to reach out to the needy and less privileged, by meeting their physical and spiritual needs.

(2)We are engaged in projects at Church, Association, Field and national levels in order to raise funds to help foster our evangelistic goals.

(3) We are also fully responsible for the young girls and children .

(4) We meet weekly at Church level to study Gods Word and improve on capacity building, developed in teachable lessons  found in our hand book called the Women’s Manual. Women through the years have received funding from NAB, other missionary bodies and sisters to help them, which they add to what they are able to raise.

Any Enticing Slogan:Our motto is “ let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven”  Mathew 5:16